Yesterday we focused on tapping into our subconscious mind to bring us awareness of anything we can use to help us with the habit we want to change or create.

Today, we focus our attention on what we want to create.

Day 9

Step 1

Start by reviewing your chosen area or habit.  John-Roger instructs us to “write a new story–a story of success in the area you are working in.” We are to “describe in detail [the] approach and attitude and the successful outcome in this area.” We want to include how we feel in our body, what we feel emotionally, what we think, and “the level of loving [we] are giving ourselves.” This story is one of expansion.

Step 2

Once we complete the written story, we focus on our breathing–the feel of the air as it goes in and out our nose or the rising and falling of our chest as we breathe.

Step 3

John-Roger says, “Let your breath bring you into a relaxed and calm place inside yourself. Close your eyes and take in what you have just learned. Fill yourself with the positive imagery you have just elucidated in your journal.”

If you find that you cannot complete today’s exercise in one sitting, make sure to reread your story and focus on your breath to internalize the story you have written. Read the story to create the feeling in the body, the emotions, the thoughts, the level of loving that we want to achieve. As we focus on the breath, we want to “fill” ourselves with our new story. We want to experience the reality of the new story in our body and imagination.

We are practicing allowing the conscious self to assert its will–the lesson we learned in Day 7.