Congratulations! We have made it 1/3 of the way through the challenge. Since the habit I am working on is “finishing,” this is a great win for me.

Today we start adding activities which will help to support the habit we want to develop.

Day 11

Step 1

First, we want to make sure to continue with the free-form writing. The objective is to write for 15 minutes, but any amount will do. It can be less or more if needed.

Step 2

John-Roger suggests that an activity we should add to our daily practice is exercise. Those of us focusing on areas related to health will know the benefit of exercise to reaching their goal.

Because my goal is not directly related to physical health, although I do recognize that my propensity for not finishing projects is causing stress that ultimately is having a physical effect–I am going to think of this additional activity not as exercise but as movement.  Movement that helps me to focus on developing the habit that I am working on.

They key is add this movement practice to our daily routine. We want to move for at least 10 minutes.

For me, the physical sensations I feel when I am stuck on a project will help to guide the movement that I choose for the day. I will keep the practice flexible so that it helps to counter the physical sensation of being stuck.

What physical activity will you choose?